Uganda Guest House and Safaris

Aremco Ventures and Safaris Guest House is an all-inclusive, American-owned-and-operated business. Our company is registered with the Ugandan government and licensed through them to operate throughout Uganda and Entebbe Town. Our clients express to us that staying with us is better than they have it at home. When we know we are fulfilling everyone's needs, wants, and desires, we have accomplished our daily goals.

Our services include such amenities as free laundry service, beverages, bicycles, tour guides, breakfast and dinner, and more. We are staffed by eight qualified and trained individuals who speak a total of seven languages. We offer safaris (trips) in Uganda and Madagascar. Whether you are on a trip for pleasure or business, think about visiting Ilakaka, Madagascar, the sapphire capital of the world. Whether you want an escort to the beach, golf course, or zoo, we are here for you. Businessmen can also have the help needed for business logistics, licensing, and legal consultation.

Our guests come from as far away as Japan, United States, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Switzerland, Sweden, and more. Learn about our accommodations and view our photo galleries of Uganda and Madagascar. Contact us if you have any questions about our packages and offers, or get started and make a reservation now.

We look forward to your stay!