Packages and Offers

  • Safaris are customized to clients' individual needs.
  • Pricing quoted per customer's specific desires. Ex: High end or moderate accommodations, length of the desired trip, etc.
  • Security: Many of our clients want a driver, tour guide, and body guard along on the trip for added peace of mind. Aremco Ventures and Safaris recommends and implements these practices.

Package 1: Bed and Breakfast

All inclusive: $150.00 per night / 2 persons per room. No hidden fees or extra charges.

Package 2: Sapphire Safaris Madagascar

Our Best Seller! This is for the businessman who wants to make the right connections, or for the thrill seekers who think they have experienced it all--think again!

Package 3: Grand Slam Safari / Uganda & Madagascar

Our second best seller is the "everlasting dream you will come back to". On these trips to northern Uganda you will see the real Karamojoong & then off to Ilakaka, Madagascar, the real Sapphire capital of the world.

Package 4: Adventure Safari

Trips to eastern Uganda / Jinja & Mbale; White water rafting, zip lining, and climbing Mount Elgon.

Package 5: Animal Lovers Safari

In Western Uganda, you'll go on a safari to Queen Elizabeth National Park & then off to see the breathtaking Murchison Falls.

Package 6: Bird Watchers Safari

Spectacular trips to Mabiro Forest Reserve & Kibale.

Package 7: Fishing Safari

Battle the famous Nile Perch. Lake Victoria welcomes the true angler in you.

Package 8: Businessman's Dream

Uganda: If you need help with your Ugandan business plans, licensing, or legal consultation, our services are available.

Madagascar: If you are a businessman looking for an opportunity to invest in such areas as gold mining, acquiring licenses, and getting to know the right people, you have come to the right consultants. Anything and everything can be arranged to meet your specific needs and requirements.